Play Golf for a Noble Cause

Golf Tournaments Ottawa

Numerous fundraising golf tournaments are held all over the country and around the world in support of different causes or campaigns. According to Irish Hills Golf & Country Club, the success of fundraising golf tournaments in Ottawa is dependent on comprehensive planning.

The first consideration should be given to getting a big turnout for the tournament. The use of fliers and posters will help to promote golf tournaments. Media will play an important role in getting direct support from the public and corporate sectors. It is also a good way of gaining more participants on the days set aside for the event.

The second consideration is getting sponsors for the golf tournament. The sponsors can come in and sponsor a hole, provide corporate sponsorship or become player sponsors. Sponsorship will help to cut your costs for hosting and running the tournament.

Other ways to meet the costs of organizing the golf tournament is by having small raffles and offering golfing products and accessories for bidding. Bidding and raffles attract participation since people cannot resist the idea of winning even small items and amounts. Having food and drinks is yet another way to raise some cash in support of the golf tournament.

Golf tournaments are commonly organized to support campaigns set up for good causes or to sponsor charitable causes and organizations. The PGA Tour is the most famous golf tour across the world operating in the United States of America and North America and its golf tournaments are well recognized and attended by professional golfers from around the world. Whereas a good number of people may think that the PGA Tour is mainly for the elite, this is far from the truth since the PGA is a non-profit organization that places great emphasis on charity work and fundraising efforts for noble causes. The organization has over the years raised a billion dollars that have gone to different charities in the host cities and elsewhere.

The Rally for the Cure is yet another fundraising event in the golfing world that is organized every October by Susan G. Komen, the founder of the Breast Cancer Foundation. The tournament has both men and women teeing up in support of the fight against breast cancer that kills millions of women all around the world annually. All participants come together to enjoy a game of golf but also to raise money that directly goes to the foundation to be used for the treatment of women with breast cancer. The color pink is used to highlight the foundation’s courage in fighting breast cancer.

Plan your fundraising golf event without worrying about the event going global or attracting many participants or the total amount collected. All that matters is the thought and actions going into supporting worthy causes in Ottawa.