Five Helpful Tips for Beginners Playing Golf

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For first-time golf players, the game can appear to be exceedingly difficult and frustrating and to others, the game of golf can come easy. To the beginner, the choice of the right clubs and balls to play can be daunting.

Read through golf material published in informational magazines, blogs and to watch videos to pick up tips and skills from golf pros. The following tips from Irish Hill Golf in Ottawa can help golfers learning the game to improve their skill.

  1. Getting a proper golf grip – Just like other sports, regular practice will help you master requisite golf skills. Start practicing how to hold the clubs to become better at the game of golf. Find your most comfortable grip and practice your swing until you are comfortable. An uncomfortable grip will make you hit the ball poorly resulting in bad shots.
  2. Posture and Approach – Posture is one of the most important aspects of playing golf. A good posture show be where your feet are shoulder length apart with your knees bent, the upper body should lean slightly over the ball, and the arms should hold out in front of you. Ensure that the ball is positioned in the middle of this stance.
  3. Putting – The ability to putt is an important skill when playing golf. “Drive for show, putt for dough” the saying goes. Putting is where golfers make the money. Putting is more about touch and tempo which can only be honed through extensive practice and repetition.
  4. Chipping – A good short game is important in keeping your score low. Beginners and even pros miss greens and this is where getting up and down will come in handy. Chipping is a useful skill that will give you the confidence to keep playing well. In most instances, you will make use of a wedge due to the loft of the club. Take a stance with the ball slightly behind you and take a light moderate swing at the ball (dependent on the distance from the hole).
  5. Etiquette – Golf is considered a game of honesty and integrity. Every golf player should respect the game and should play the game the way it is supposed to be played. Etiquette is a key part of the game of golf. Every golf course in Ottawa has its own guidelines and best practices that should be respected by golfers as well as their playing partners.

Go to Irish Hill Golf in Ottawa or the closest driving range to practice these skills to enhance your golf skills. Put the skills into use when you compete against friends and family. Remember that commitment and regular practice are the foundation to mastering the game of golf.