What are the Benefits of Garage Flooring?

Garage Flooring Ottawa

Many people are exploring the expansion of usable space in their home without additions.  The sad fact is that homes may appear spacious but in reality, lack the floor space for extra activities.

One of the underutilized areas in the garage.  The garage is more than a place for storage, recycling, and unfinished crafts and projects.  It can be a play area for children, a workout space, or just an area for a warm beverage and short respite.

The first step is to install drywall.  This is a big step toward creating a homey appearance.  Next is to deal with the cold concrete floors.  The good news is that there are many easy-to-install options available in the marketplace.

Flooring for the garage area has several purposes.  First, it will protect the concrete from car drips of antifreeze, oil, and salt from the roads.  Plus, it will simply make the garage look nicer. Even if you don’t want to turn the garage into living space, installing drywall and flooring will increase the resale value of the home.

The garage flooring can be painted or sealed with an epoxy coating.  This will require some preparation of the floor before applying epoxy and can be very labor intensive.

Another option is tiling.  Most come in a peel-and-stick variety or interlocking squares.  An application can be completed in a day or two and the tools are probably something already available in the house, a measuring tape and utility knife.  A pair of knee pads are recommended.  Tile can be laid at any time of the year and is not temperature dependent like epoxy or paint.

Tiles designed for the garage are usually made from either rubber or vinyl.  These substances are both very durable and resistant to cracking, chipping and peeling.  Cleaning is easy with either sweeping, the use of a vacuum, or simply hosing them down.  They resist the effects of grease, oil, battery acid and other elements that can damage a garage floor.  They have been designed to withstand the weight of a vehicle and still remain in place.

For some variety, many are available in textures and designs, including, ribbed, diamond, Levant and coin patterns.  They are also available in a checkered pattern, like black and white, yellow and black, red and gray, etc.  Manufacturers also considered floor drains.  Tiles are available with open grates but will still maintain an even surface across the floor.

Garage tiling is a creative way to give a drab area some flair as well as increase the usable space in the home.  The cost is reasonable and will add value to the house at a resale time.  Not bad use of an extra weekend!

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