The Virtual Office – Staying Professional While Working Away from the Office

Virtual Office Ottawa

Many companies trying to cut costs are considering the use of a virtual office in Ottawa.  Unlike leased executive suites or business centers, this can be as simple as working from home. This is not a new concept.  During the Industrial Revolution, many people worked from their homes; it is sometimes called a cottage industry.  The Virtual Office, Inc. was created by Ralph Gregory in Boulder, Colorado.  It was later called an “intelligent office”.


The first step is to hire a virtual receptionist.  This is a person who also works remotely and through technological advances can use specialized software to interact with the company employees.  This virtual receptionist will give the company an air of professionalism with only a small monthly fee.  The receptionist will provide answering services when the employees are not available.

Mailing Address

The virtual office will need a special business mailing address, usually a post office box that will keep your home address out of the limelight.  You can arrange for mail pick up and delivery services.

Ancillary Equipment

The company can also have access to on-site amenities like high-speed internet, copier facilities and other amenities that are found in a brick and mortar office.

The professions most likely to use virtual offices are accountants, attorneys, stockbrokers, skilled trades, and home-based businesses.  It creates an effect of cost, which can translate into a higher profit.  It also benefits by saving the employee child care expenses as well as transportation costs in commuting to and from an office.

The virtual office allows for a casual work environment that encourages productivity at a lower cost.  Employees gather when necessary but complete most of their work off-site.  Particularly in a start-up operation or during a recession, this is a viable option for many companies today.

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