Flat Roof Maintenance Tips

flat roofing

Flat roofing requires good maintenance. However, many people do not know this and usually end up having to do costly repairs. Below are flat roof maintenance tips that you can follow to prevent damage to the flat roof on your home.

Do not put too much stress on your roof

This is the most important flat roof maintenance tip. Flat roofs can collapse due to too much weight. So do not use the top of your roof as some sort of storage for heavy stuff. Also clear ice and snow weight as often as possible to prevent the weight from putting too much stress on your roof.

Keep debris off your roof

Unlike other roofs that are slanted, flat roofs are flat. This means anything that falls on them does not easily fall off. Therefore, debris such as tree leaves and tree branches can fall on your flat roof and accumulate there especially during the fall season and damage your roof. So you need to regularly (perhaps biweekly) clear debris off your roof to protect it.

Clean out debris from your roof’s drainage system

You need to regularly check the drainage system of your roof and clean out all the debris in it to ensure water flows freely. Moreover, if there is any ponding of water on your roof, make sure the area is fixed to preventing any further ponding. Ponding water can cause stress on your roof or make it leaky.

Do not store or have hazardous chemicals on your flat roof

When your roofing system is exposed to hazardous materials, it will get damaged. And this can result in the roof collapsing. So carefully consider anything that you put on your roof or do not have anything at all on your roof to be on the safe side.

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