Garage Floor Coatings Mistakes You Can Avoid

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There is a lot of misinformation about garage floor coatings. Many homeowners who have tried this process on their own have found that mistakes are possible. With proper preparation, making your garage a better workspace is very achievable. Here are some things to be aware of.

DIY Kits

Many home improvement stores and big-box establishments will have DIY epoxy kits available for amateurs to give the garage floor a redo. However, these cannot compare to what a garage floor epoxy professional is able to provide you with. The results of a kit will only last a short time. If you plan to live in the home for quite a while, it is better to hire someone. If you are only trying to make the garage floor look better for a quick sale, then go for the kit.


The garage floor must be clean before you can apply the epoxy. That means more than moving around all the stuff and sweeping up. All of the surface stains need to be attacked with a commercial concrete cleaner. This will take some significant effort and scrubbing.

A professional company will then open the pores in the concrete. This will allow the epoxy to bond properly and to seal without cracks. The floor should be levelled; professionals use a diamond grinder. Any cracks in the existing concrete must be filled.

This will take employees several hours. Without the experience of a professional crew, you should plan on a day or more to have your garage floor prepped when you do it yourself. At this point, a professional will lay the design and customize the look to your specifications.  

Handyman Help


You may be thinking that this job is too big for you and your spouse to tackle, but you can hire a handyperson to help with the project. Repairpersons do not necessarily understand the intricacies of an epoxy floor coating. 

They are great for cleaning gutters, but if they do not have experience working on garage floors, you may end up spending more in the long run in having someone come to finish the work the handyman left undone or, worse, starting over when the craft is shoddy.

Repeat Applications

Many people think it is almost wasted effort because the project needs to be tackled every three years. However, if the floor is adequately treated by a professional and using commercial-grade products, the floor will last at least 15 years without much maintenance on your part.  

With all of this information in your arsenal, you will be ready to interview companies for Ottawa garage flooring treatments. Get in touch with Garage Perfect. They will be happy to make an appointment to look at your floor and give you their opinion of the work to be done and to give you an estimate of the cost.