Signs Your Pool Pump Needs Repair

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A home swimming pool is an excellent addition to your home. It increases enjoyment and will add to the resale value. However, like most things, it will need maintenance and some repairs over time. To decide about your pool pump, read on.

Signs Your Pool Pump Needs Repair


If your pump has been in service for at least ten years, it will likely need a review and possibly a repair or two. Most pumps last between 11 and 15 years. The working parts are mechanical and will wear over time. Also, improvements are constantly in progress to provide more energy efficiency. So, replacing a few parts will actually give you a longer life span and a bit of saving as well.


A pool pump should be quiet in operation. If you start to notice some screeching, grinding, or other unusual sounds, call a repair person. Bearings can wear down or out. They are prone to rust. Since this is a machine that is around the water all day, unwanted moisture can get in from a shaft seal that needs repair. Rusted or frozen bearings can be replaced fairly easily and inexpensively. 

It is best to tackle this when you first notice a problem, or you may have to replace the entire pump, motor, or filtration system, which will cost quite a bit.

Breakers Tripping

If the breakers in your electrical box are tripping out more frequently, you probably have a significant electrical issue. It generally means you will need a new motor. However, if you call your pool repair company, they will be able to give you the best advice.

Motor Shut Off

If the motor starts shutting down sooner than expected, it could be clogged or is working overtime for some reason. This will not resolve itself, and you should call someone to check the motor.  

Poor Suction

Pool pumps work by taking in water and filtering that water, then returning it to the pool. This clears any debris. Check the pressure indicator to be sure the pump is working to capacity. If a clog is not the answer, the motor is probably wearing out.

No Sound

If the pool suddenly goes dead silent, check the power source. If all the electricals look good, the motor is probably dead. 

It will need a replacement.

Bad Water

If the water changes colour or clarity, there is definitely a problem with the pump and filtration. If you want to continue using the pool, call a reliable repair person.

Getting professional help

All repairs start with knowing the limits of your warranty. The repair person should be aware of whether this service call is covered under warranty or not in order to bill properly. Pool repair companies deal with these and other problems all the time. They are the experts at repair and replacements and can complete the job quickly and efficiently.

If you are reading this, chances are that you have been noticing some (or all) of these signs. If that is the case, contact Laughlin Pools. They offer the best pool repair services in the Ottawa area and will be the perfect team to repair your pool pump and also provide any other pool service you might need.