Shower Enclosures Safety Precautions

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You really like the looks of a glass shower enclosure, but you have some reservations about its safety. This post will talk about the benefits of a frameless shower door or glass enclosure to help you make an informed decision as you remodel your bath.

The benefits of a frameless shower glass enclosure

• Allows a good view of the tile work

• Available in a variety of textures and styles, including variance in transparency

• Makes the area feel larger

• Provides more light

• Lessens mould and mildew by eliminating a shower curtain and frame

The Installation

Installation of a glass shower door is not suggested as a DIY project. The doors need to be precisely installed to prevent damaging the glass. If the glass is not level or the brackets improperly installed, the glass can crack or break. Broken glass in a bathroom with bare feet, or other body parts, is not recommended.

 Using a professional installation and safety glass is advised.

Safety tips

“Safety glass” or tempered glass does not break into large shards but into smaller pieces, which are significantly less harmful. Also, we use a stronger glass that has an incredibly high breaking point of approximately 24,000 pounds per square inch.

Tempered glass is used in:

• Automotive

• Computers

• Television

• Kitchen appliances

Even with all of these safety precautions, the glass can break. If that does happen, injuries are likely, some life-threatening. 

Breakage is most likely due to improper installation. In that case, something as simple as a tap in the wrong spot. Another possibility is if the sliding door is not on its track. 

If installed by a professional, these occurrences are very rare. However, here are some tips:

• Make sure all moving panels are secure.  

• Do not use shower door towel bars for balance getting in and out of the shower.

• Make sure all fasteners are tight and secure

• Be sure the glass panel is not directly contacting the wall or metal. 

Obstructions can cause breakage.

• Inspect the glass for chips or cracks. Closely inspect the edges, notches, and hardware.

Safe Glass Enclosure Installation

If you have any concerns, contact a professional for an inspection and repair or replacement. A good and reputable glass expert can provide the best installation and repair of shower enclosures in Calabogie, Pembroke, Petawawa and the whole Ottawa Valley area.