Get the Best Results of your Project with Interlocking Concrete Pavers

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When you have decided that the time has come to construct or refurbish a driveway, patio or walkway, one of the first choices you’ll have to make will be what material to use. You have the option of numerous materials that can go into your project: a concrete slab, asphalt, crushed gravel and interlocking concrete pavers, for example.

We want you to know the benefits of choosing interlocking concrete pavers over the other materials at your disposal. Interlocking concrete pavers offer a great aesthetic that you can customize with an array of designs and colors, as well as impeccable strength and durability. This probably already sounds pretty good to you, but let’s dig a little deeper into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the superior qualities of this paving solution.

1). Durability

The interlocking concrete pavers can withstand nearly four times the load-bearing weight as your standard concrete slab.

  • Fact: Interlocking concrete pavers allow for 8,000psi versus standard concrete’s allowance of 2,000psi.

Because these concrete pavers are so strong, they can accommodate heavier loads. They also can stand up to the elements a lot better, and for a lot longer, than standard concrete or asphalt. Traffic can really cause a lot of wear and tear on paved surfaces, but choosing interlocking concrete pavers will help to keep your paved areas more visually appealing and perfectly functioning with significantly less maintenance. Interlocking concrete pavers also stand up exceptionally well when compared to gravel, which is an impermanent material that will need regular filling over time.

2). Flexibility

Because interlocking concrete paver systems offer a greater amount of flexibility than other options, they withstand environmental changes extremely well. They are significantly less prone to distortion and cracking than standard concrete slabs. Asphalt, a more flexible material than concrete, still softens and cracks over time and especially if exposed to high temperatures. Because interlocking concrete pavers don’t crack and distort as easily as other materials do, this increases the longevity of your paving project.

3). Ease of Repair and Maintenance

To repair or perform upkeep on areas paved with interlocking pavers is very simple and inexpensive. Even though this material is exceptionally strong, it can still become damaged or stained. When and if this happens, all you need to do is remove the damaged or unsightly pavers and replace them with brand-new ones. This is significantly easier, faster and cheaper than repairing stains and cracks in concrete slab or asphalt surfaces.

To keep your pavers looking brand-new, it is as easy as sealing them with one of the many concrete sealers once every year to a year and a half. How frequently you have to perform this light maintenance depends on how much traffic the area endures. Over time you might also find that you may need to replace any joint sand that has been swept or washed away.

4). Aesthetic

Standard concrete, asphalt and gravel don’t offer the wide arrange of color choices and styles that interlocking concrete paver systems allow for. With A&Z Interlock Design and Build, you will see countless color, pattern, style and finish combinations that will really help make your project look uniquely you. If you’re undertaking a project like paving or refurbishing, then why not inject some of your personal style into it?

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