How to Control Window Ice Buildup

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How to Control Window Ice Buildup

Most winters in Canada are hard winters characterized by extremely low temperatures. The low temperatures usually result in window ice buildup and this can cause significant problems to your windows in Brampton. For example, when ice stays on your windows for long, it can cause structural problems to your window frame. It can also affect how your windows look.

You may not see the effects of window ice buildup during winter but after the winter months, you will most likely notice discoloration, cracks in the paint, and possibly mildew and mold starting to grow. You may also notice your windows looking weak. This is why it is important to stop the buildup of ice on your windows.

Below are some of the two ways you can control window ice buildup:

Reduce the amount of water vapor in your home

The main cause of window ice is water vapor condensation. So to reduce window ice buildup, you should reduce the amount of water vapor in your home. You can do this by:

  •         Having your gas appliances inspected and fixed for leakages as they may be contributing to the water vapor in your home.
  •         Having leaking faucets fixed as they will definitely be adding water vapor into the air in your home.
  •         Not storing firewood inside as the moisture from the wood will evaporate and form water vapor that will contribute to window ice buildup.
  •         Not air-drying your clothes indoors as this will also release water vapor and contribute to ice buildup.

Preventing air leakage

Well-made and fitted windows will prevent cold air from getting into your home and decreasing temperatures. In contrast, leaky windows will let cold air in resulting in lower surface temperatures on your windows and condensation. The condensation will, in turn, lead to the formation of ice. You can prevent air leakage by:

  •         Getting new windows if you have old windows that are not energy-efficient.
  •         Getting a professional to insulate your windows.
  •         Getting damaged or worn-out windows fixed.