How to estilish your concrete floor

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Concrete floors are widely popular due to characteristics such as durability and low maintenance. Many buildings will have a concrete slab as part of the foundation and will be found underneath different types of floor coverings. 

There are different treatments used to enhance the surface appearance of a concrete floor. The treatments do not only enhance beauty but also protect the concrete slab from moisture and make it easy to clean. Concrete Fusion will offer estilish concrete floor Ottawa services and help create different exotic styles for your home.

Concrete floors can be colored in many different ways.

Acid Stained Concrete Floor

An acid product is best suited to staining concrete since it causes a chemical reaction when applied to the cured and hardened concrete slab. The result is a unique staining effect and mottled look. The concrete floor is a good choice in the kitchen since it is impervious to water and common staining agents. It is also easy to clean and maintain. 

Dark Dying of Concrete Floor

The concrete floor can be dyed using a brown water-based coloring agent. The color agent will create a smooth and thin layer over the concrete surface that is easy to clean. The final look may lack personality and warmth but can be enhanced with a rug to create contrast and comfort. The rugs should be placed in areas where you will be standing or kneeling regularly since the concrete floor can be hard on feet and knees. 

Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are a popular option it many modern apartments and give a smooth and geometric surface. Staining and polishing the concrete surface is one good way of finishing the floor to give it a nice look and make it easy to clean. 

Polishing entails grinding the floor with abrasive pads progressively graduating to finer grades. The floor can then be acid stained or dyed to add color before sealing to give a smooth sheen. Concrete polishing is undertaken by professionals using specialized tools. 

Epoxy Coated Floor

The use of epoxy treatments comes in when sealing and repairing a damaged concrete subfloor. Cured epoxy is a very strong material and is usually poured into cracks and crevices to level out the concrete surface. 

Epoxy can be described as a form of paint that has two parts; a catalyst and a hardener that combine to create the final product. 

Epoxy will not dry up like paint but will harden through a curing process. The final epoxy surface is hard and durable which is even ideal for commercial and industrial settings.

Concrete Fusion readily works with epoxy which is available in different colors and that makes it ideal for unique designs that match the décor of the home. Epoxy is used to create unique colors and patterns which transform concrete into a modern style and feel.