Ideas for decorating with barn door

barn door ottawa decorating

Getting a good set of barn doors will help give depth to the décor of a room or entirely transform a room. Barn doors will work well for all styles of a home such as modern, contemporary, beach, rustic, and any other home style. 

A Modern Glass Insert

This unique door treatment is a barn door Ottawa decorating trend that is best suited for homes that have a modern style. The modern style barn door is used to create a unique and dramatic doorway. 

The door utilizes a white panel with a slightly frosted glass insert reinforced with three horizontal metal strips. The metal strips also provide a finish that stands out and emphasizes the modern style. 

Centennial Glass recommends the use of contrast is another great way to draw attention to the door and its design. You may decide to use clear glass rather than frosted glass to serve your décor ideas better. It is easier to work with clear glass as a canvas to produce more personalized design ideas.

Starburst Design

The starburst barn door is also referred to as the Double-Z design and is a classic design. When the door is used as a single door, it is referred to as Z design since it has a Z on the upper panel and a reversed Z on the lower panel. This type of door is ideal for a hall laundry closet where it can be painted in one of the colors used in the home’s décor. The hardware used for these doors can be classic or rustic in style. 

The stardust design can be used to dramatic effect in any room by creating a focal point especially when painted or stained with a different color. 

Double Stardust and Diamond Design

This design is characterized by a combination of four stardust design doors which change the final look of the door. When closed, they form a diamond design and enhanced through sliding door hardware that carries the spoke-wheel design. The door design is ideal for entrances to the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedroom. 

Dutch Stable Door Style

The double Dutch barn door style is ideal for the contemporary home. The door type has popular use for a barn stable. The door is directly hinged onto the door frame that is different from other sliding barn doors. 

Notable characteristics of the door are vertical boards on the lower portion and inset framing on the inside panel on the upper portion. The look is enhanced further through the use of large metal rings similar to those used to tether horses in a stable.

The Dutch stable style barn doors allow in light into a room but still provide a semi-private feel. They are ideal for children playrooms where they will keep toddlers from leaving the room but will allow you to check on them.