Landscape trends for 2020

landscape 2020 ottawa

Trends are time-bound. Some things are in fashion today, yet in the past, they were frowned upon. Other things are frowned upon today, yet in the past, they were embraced and extremely popular. If you want to landscape your property, there are many landscape designs to consider – some of them are popular right now while others are a bit outdated.

In this article, I will share with you landscape trends 2020 Ottawa. These are landscape designs that are trending this year in the capital and in other major cities around it.

  1. Low Maintenance Lawns

Low maintenance lawns have always been in fashion. Homeowners have always loved green and well-manicured lawns because they make their properties more attractive/ appealing and they are perfect for kids to play on. If you travel around Ottawa, you will notice many homes have low maintenance lawns. 

While many such lawns are many of natural grass, a good number of them are made up of very realistic and soft artificial grass. Artificial grass is more expensive than normal grass but it does not need fertilizer or water to stay green and healthy. It also does not need regular mowing to look neat.

Planting of grass varieties such as white clover, ryegrasses, and micro clover is also a nice way to make a low-maintenance green lawn because such grasses are drought resistant and don’t need frequent watering to stay healthy and look healthy.

  1. Organic Gardening 

Because of the many issues surrounding and affecting major food supply chains including pandemics, climate change, and whatnots, more and more people across the globe are trying to grow their own food on their property. This is the reason why organic gardening is becoming a landscaping trend in Ottawa.

Properly done landscape designing can create innovative spaces e.g. vertical gardens for growing vegetables while still improving the overall appeal of a property.

  1. Indoor/ Outdoor Living Areas

Several surveys have shown that many people love using their backyards for entertaining guests. This is the reason why more and more homeowners are including indoor/ outdoor living areas on their properties. 

One of the easiest ways to create a nice and cozy indoor/ outdoor living area is to build a massive patio and to decorate it well. Many landscaping companies can easily create indoor/ outdoor living areas in Ottawa.

  1. Innovative Lighting

Innovative lighting is trending in Ottawa, in many Canadian cities, and in many places around the world. The kind of innovative lighting I am talking about includes putting hidden lighting fixtures to illuminate trees and other garden features in an aesthetically pleasing way. Or putting light fixtures under landscape structures such as bridges, benches, walls, posts, and so on. This innovative lighting can make a garden look really nice especially at night.

  1. Balcony/ Rooftop Gardens 

In many residential neighborhoods across Ottawa, rooftop gardens are becoming a landscape trend 2020 Ottawa. This is because more and more Ottawans are preferring to turn their rooftops and balconies into mini gardens. If you want to upgrade your rooftop into a nice aesthetic garden, you should simply call an Ottawa landscaping company like AZ Landscaping.