How to Tell if Your Car’s Exhaust has a Leak

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If you are keen and you’ve got a sharp sense of smell or hearing, then you can probably tell if your car’s exhaust is leaking. However, for many people, it is usually very difficult to do this. This is why many people take their cars to an auto mechanic when they suspect a leaky exhaust. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can tell if your car’s exhaust is leaking. They include:

Listening for a hissing or loud exhaust

A hissing or loud exhaust is one of the best indicators of a leaking exhaust system. However, when listening for a hissing or loud exhaust, you should do it keenly as noise from the surroundings or your engine could interfere with the exhaust sound or confuse you.

Checking for gaps or pinholes between parts of your car’s exhaust system

The easiest way to detect if your car has a leaking exhaust is to conduct a physical examination of your exhaust system. Get under the car with a powerful torch or flashlight and examine all parts of its exhaust system. If you notice any gaps or pinholes then you will be sure that your car’s exhaust is leaky.

Checking the year of manufacture of your car

Exhaust systems corrode. Therefore, older cars (cars more than five years old) almost always have leaky exhaust systems. This is because the corrosion causes gaps and holes that allow gases to escape. So you can find out if your car has a leaky exhaust by finding its year of manufacture. You can check if your car has a leaky exhaust in the three ways above. But remember, the only way to confirm is by going to a repair shop so that your car gets thoroughly checked by experienced professionals. A leaky exhaust can result in carbon monoxide regularly getting into your car cabin and poisoning your body over time. So if you suspect that your exhaust is leaking, do your best to get your car fixed as soon as possible.