Humane Animal Removal in Ottawa


In urban areas of Canada, we see wildlife such as birds, raccoons, skunks and other types of rodents that try to make our homes into their homes, too. Attics, porches, basements and the insulation between walls are very popular spots among creatures looking for shelter, but you should be aware that they can end up in any other warm and accessible pocket of your home. Many times, people aren’t aware that there is an uninvited guest living with them until they hear scratching from inside the walls, or they make discoveries of nesting, droppings or other unusual sights around their property.

When you come to realize it that is when you need to call a wildlife removal agency like Capital Wildlife Control in Ottawa. Their humane and efficient methods of wildlife removal will make your home a more comfortable place for you, without inflicting any unnecessary harm on the creatures that tried to move in.

Don’t try to DIY it. Call in the pro’s.

It can be tempting to try and deal with the issue on one’s own, and many homeowners will try to do exactly that: tackling an infestation solo. This is seriously not advisable because it can be very dangerous to remove wildlife from, well, anywhere. We have the right equipment and knowledge to efficiently clear your home of wildlife infestation. Unless you are similarly trained, this needs to be left in the hands of professionals.

Animals are prone to fitting themselves into spaces that are difficult for humans to access. Certain equipment is necessary to retrieve wildlife in such circumstances because tight spaces and panicked animals are not a very safe mix. Additionally, an untrained individual handling wildlife like this can unknowingly expose themselves to whatever diseases the animal might be carrying. That’s a risk that you really don’t want to take.

Not only does calling a service like Capital Wildlife Control help to keep you safe, but it can save the life of the animal as well. Their humane methodology places preservation of life as a high priority. Even though you live in the city, it is important to understand that all areas, including urban areas, are shared spaces between people and animals. Many animals unknowingly venture into “our” territory during winter when food and shelter are scarce; they aren’t being predatory. There is no need to injure or kill them to remove them effectively.

Some less human removal companies might try and say that this is not legal or safe, but we want to assure you that that could not be any further from the truth. When choosing a humane service, you can be confident in knowing that only trained and knowledgeable experts are handling your wildlife removal situation.

You can help protect your home from wildlife infestation.

Wildlife animals don’t just show up in our homes for no reason. Access to food and shelter are the primary motivators for unwanted creatures finding themselves in the warm crevices of your living space.  Make sure that your food waste is properly secured (raccoons are famous for digging through unsecured trash bins!) and any cracks or openings in your home’s foundation are addressed and repaired. Ensure that your roof is properly sealed. If an animal wants to get inside, they will find an avenue with which to do so as long as there is one. You can take these steps to help ward off unwanted critters.

If you’ve already experienced an infestation, or are experiencing one currently, call Capital Wildlife Control to get to the root of the problem. They will be able to help you figure out where these animals are coming from and what you can do to send them packing for good. When you hire a humane wildlife removal service in Ottawa, you are hiring a service that will use techniques to fortify your space against outside animals without posing a risk of harm to any wildlife that may come onto your property in the future.

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