Invisalign Braces Can Change your Smile for the Better

Invisalign Ottawa

If you have seen television ads for Invisalign and was wondering what it was all about, here is some information.

Invisalign is a type of brace for teeth.  They are designed to correct orthodontic problems of spacing, bite, and overcrowding.  Unlike traditional braces, these are clear and have no metal.  They don’t use brackets or wires.  They use advanced technology to achieve excellent results.  So if you want a dental correction but don’t want everyone to know about it, Invisalign could be for you.

Visiting the dentist will include a series of tests and processes including dental impressions, x-rays, and photographs.  These are submitted to Invisalign with a dental prescription.  Your dentist will discuss the time frame and treatment plan to correct your particular issues.  Every two weeks you will visit the dentist who will exchange the invisible braces for a new set.  Each subsequent set adjusts your teeth a bit further.  The process usually takes a year, sometimes less.

Two of the most common orthodontic problems are crowding and an improper bite.

  • Crowding – When teeth are too close together, flossing becomes extremely difficult or sometimes impossible.  If that happens, bacteria will congregate between the teeth and not be removed.  If so, periodontal disease is very likely to occur.  Invisalign alignment trays move teeth gradually and gently into the correct position so that good dental hygiene can be administered.
  • Bite – When teeth are misaligned, it not only affects how a person eats and chews but can have an effect on the jaw as well.  TMD is a condition that affects the temporomandibular joint.  That is a spot near the ears.  This excess wear is often manifested in patients who grind their teeth.  Nightguards will absorb the impact from the grinding but will not solve the underlying problem.  Invisalign will help realign the teeth and jaw to fix an improper bite.

If you are interested in Invisalign or have more questions, contact at Ottawa Dentists to arrange for a consultation.