Teeth Straightening for Adults

Invisalign Ottawa

A major concern for adults who have decided to embark on orthodontic treatment is their personal appearance during and after the process.

Most people are not born with perfect teeth.  Heredity, injuries, and bad habits can all lead to bad alignment, gaps, chips, discoloration, and other issues.  These conditions can affect self-confidence.  Many people are reticent to be photographed, feel inferior or timid, and smile less.

To correct these dental issues, individuals are opting for braces and Invisalign treatments.  Invisalign is a system that uses clear aligners to mask the embarrassment of needing teeth adjusted.  Rubber bands are frequently part of the treatment, but even then it can be fun to choose colored bands.

The bottom line is that orthodontics is the practice of encouraging people to improve their mouth shape and function and to instill a sense of pride in their appearance.

Invisalign is perfect for professionals who would be concerned about concealing the treatment.  They are clear plastic trays that are customized to the patient’s teeth and then changed periodically to gradually adjust the alignment of all the teeth as well as correct some jaw issues.  It is particularly popular because the general public probably won’t notice the braces.

Proper care must be given to these devices, though.  They need to be cleaned often to remove any plaque or food.  Without proper attention, the trays can become discolored or foggy.

If the patient opts for traditional orthodontic treatment, be assured that braces have come a long way.  The wire is thinner and less obtrusive.  The streamlined look is easier to deal with physically and emotionally.

There are other options as well.  They are identified as Lingual braces, Undetectable, and Miniature braces.

  • Lingual braces use a ceramic mount that is colored much like natural teeth.  It is fairly well concealed by blending into the jaw and mouth.
  • Miniature mounts are just like a conventional set of braces except that they are reduced in size.  At about 30% smaller they will show more of the jaw and less of the metal.

With these advances in technology more and more adults are deciding to improve their bite and appearance with orthodontic work.  If you have questions or need an appointment, contact us at Ottawa Braces.