Karate is Great Exercise

Karate Ottawa

There are a number of Asian martial arts that seem similar.  Today we will look at Karate compared with other forms of exercise.


This is very callisthenic.  Moving from one stance to another means going from a lunge in one direction or a squat on a single leg.  Tightening fists engages an entire range of hand and arm muscles.  Kicks, even at low levels, require balance and flexibility.  When you stop to consider the number of repetitions of these moves, you can recognize the physical benefits they will offer.

Tai Chi Chuan

This is focused on health and not appropriate for combat applications.  It concentrates on developing chi, or energy.  They take longer to learn than Karate.


Yoga is a solitary exercise.  You do not need a partner and can perform the movements on your own.  However, without a partner, you don’t have the opportunity for feedback.  Instructors can offer suggestions but the exercise does not compare with working with and against another person.

Tai Chi and Yoga do not offer the advantage of self-protection.  Neither provides the skills to combat muggings, home invasions or bullies.

If you have a concern about personal safety, are a senior citizen, or frail in build, you may want to consider Karate as a good class for exercise and a basic ability to defend yourself if necessary.