Invisalign Treatment Will Give You a Beautiful Smile

Invisalign Treatment

You will not be happy with your smile if you have gaps or crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can be caused by overbites, misalignments, underbites, and crossbites that can be addressed through treatment with Invisalign. Invisalign treatment will ensure you have a beautiful and confident smile.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the straightening of teeth. Misaligned teeth or gapped teeth will present dental health challenges such as gum disease, biting problems, and poor dental structures.

Common bite problems are when the upper and lower teeth fail to meet or align properly either protruding out or staying back in the mouth. When the teeth are closer to the tongue or cheek, the problem is referred to as cross-bite or malocclusion. Bite problems are corrected through orthodontics which is out of scope for an ordinary dentist. Orthodontists are specially trained to handle bite problems and misalignments so that patients have straight teeth and beautiful smiles.

Invisible Braces Ottawa makes use of the best available orthodontic treatments to correct bite problems, irregular spacing, eruptions, and impacted teeth that cause great discomfort. We develop unique plans for each of our patients depending on their orthodontic problems. Invisalign takes upon multi-stage treatments and is perfectly suitable for people of all ages.

Compared to conventional orthodontic treatments such as fixed metal braces, Invisalign has made treatment more discreet so that people carry on with their normal lives without feeling shy or embarrassed. You will not be unhappy with your look during treatment.

Invisalign is not associated with poor oral health and problems such as plaque formation, tooth decay, allergy and gum infection common with fixed metal braces. Invisalign braces are removable making eating, flossing and brushing quite easy.

Essentially, Invisalign braces are made of transparent plastic and are customized to the shape and size of the patient’s jaw. Invisalign is prescribed by dentists who are trained in using the system in treating patients and giving them the perfect smile. The use of computerized 3D scanners helps in making an accurate diagnosis and in custom making the plastic aligners to correct and align teeth. The custom aligners apply just the right amount of force required to move teeth into their right positions. The results of Invisalign treatment are more accurate and are achieved faster.

Invisible Braces Ottawa have high experienced dentists to help address your orthodontic problems through Invisalign treatment and give you an attractive and healthy smile.