What are the Top Benefits of Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is one of the best solutions available for couples who are not in a position to have children of their own. Surrogacy has enabled couples to have biological children where other options such as In vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services have failed,

Fertility Match lists some of the benefits of surrogacy to the Ottawa couple looking forward to having a child.

  • Surrogacy is a Viable Option

Surrogacy remains a viable option for couples who have unsuccessfully tried treatments such as IVF and IUI. People who are also tired of going through medications and painful treatments will also happily go through surrogacy to actualize their dream of getting children of their own.

  • Genetic Relation to the Child

That children born out of surrogacy cannot have a genetic relation to the parents is a myth. Couples that choose to have their children through surrogacy can make sure that the children have a genetic connection. It is a different case altogether when a sperm donor or egg donor is used in the process

  • Surrogacy Offer Guarantees Compared to ART

When thousands of dollars are spent on IVF and other treatments, a couple is not assured of having a child. Surrogacy offers the intended parents guarantees of having a child with a similar outlay of money. Being assured of getting a child provides satisfaction and pleasure of becoming parents and welcoming an addition to the family.

  • A Rewarding Experience For The Surrogate And Family

Following the signing of the agreement for surrogacy, the intended parents and the surrogate mother will be on the journey through a rewarding experience. The surrogate mother will be happy to help the couple have a child and receive some compensation. On the other hand, the intended parents will look forward to getting a child of their own and lifelong happiness.

  • Lifelong Connection

All the parties involved in surrogacy are to be connected over their lifetimes.  The intended parents, their child and the surrogate mother are bound to have a lifelong experience and something worth remembering all through their lives.

It should be noted that there are intended parents who choose not to keep n touch with the surrogate mother after the birth of their child and end of the agreement.