Is in-home care right for your family?

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As our parents age, we are often confronted with the decision of how best to care for their needs.  An alternative to a facility is in-home care.

Relocating to a nursing home can be a traumatic experience for many that can actually lead to further deterioration of health issues or create others.  It is stressful for you as well as your elderly parents or relatives.  In-home care allows the individual to remain in comfortable surroundings with less disruption of their daily activities.  This enhances their independence and self esteem.

Another reason is that care provided in the home is personalized to the individual’s needs rather than the regimented routine of a large concern.  Customized care means that your loved one receives only the medical and personal services they need.  Professionals are assigned and dedicated to fill the specific needs of your family member.

In-home care has been found to be far more cost effective than an out-of-home facility

It will provide necessary services at a price far lower than facilities.  That means you have more money for a longer period of time.  It eases the fear of exhausting all financial reserves just to care for the elderly.  Also, you are only paying for the level of service needed rather than an in-facility flat rate.

Just as in any other endeavor, do the research.  Investigate the agencies that provide in-home care to be sure they are a good match for your family needs.  Meet not only the office staff, but know each of the caregivers that will be servicing the patient.  One-on-one communication is critical to the ongoing care and will alleviate any concerns you might have.

Making the decision that your parents and other elderly relatives need more assistance and care than they are able to provide on their own is a difficult situation.  In-home care can ease your personal burden by knowing your loved ones are receiving professional, personalized care and services, leaving you available for the important task of enjoying what time you have with them.