The Impact of a French Drain on the Foundation of Your House


To put it simply, a French drain is simply a ditch covered with gravel and rock which has the main purpose is to drain the water away from areas that need to be protected from being constantly soaked. They’ve found many applications in keeping your foundations and the soil around them safe from excess moisture. You can also improve them by adding hollow pipes near them so they further prevent the water from seeping into the ground. It is necessary to maintain appropriate water levels in the soil around your house. You should check the condition of your foundations and think about installing one if you need it.

It’s absolutely necessary that your foundation isn’t exposed to constant moisture because it destroys the architecture of the soil next to the foundation and the foundation itself. Soils shift too much when exposed to a lot of water and they distribute the pressure points of the foundation wrongly, which might lead to permanent damage. The water also can create fractures in the foundation, due to freezing and unfreezing during winter. It’s not good to have water constantly creating and increasing small cracks in your foundation.

French drains can be used to prevent and minimize the water damage. Another interesting improvement is the use of geotextiles on certain places near the foundation that can trap the excess water using very advanced technology. Geotextiles help prevent the growth of plants which can have disruptive root systems. It prevents obstruction of your drainage system, alone or combined with hollowed pipes. They can be equipped with various specialized filters and they can even help level the soil. This all adds value to your property and makes your house more attractive.

French drains come in a huge variety of designs, so you can build one suitable to your needs easily. You can keep your foundation safe from water damage and prevent excessive soil movements around it. It’s a smart decision, to check whether or not you have pressure points threatening your foundation and make a French drain installation to prevent them. You can get an expert assessment as soon as you schedule a consultation.

Another possible application is their use to collect surface water and run-off and guiding them to a more appropriate location. You should choose an area that won’t be disturbed by increased water flow. You can strategically place it somewhere way back in your yard.  It’s a very good decision to get a French drain if you feel that the foundations of your house might be at risk. You should make a consultation as soon as possible with a specialist like Daniel Gagné and talk to him about your project.