Is Shared Office Space for You?

Shared Office Space Ottawa

Opening a new office is exciting, but also time consuming and, possibly, a bit nerve wracking.  Many new start-up companies and entrepreneurs are leaning toward co-work space.  There are a number of benefits to shared office space.  It can lower your overhead cost.  It also represents a quick start up to your operation and a “storefront” already in place.

Start by finding a location or company that is agreeable to the arrangement.  Discuss sharing other resources like internet, parking, copy machine, printers, support staff, etc.  A shared office can eliminate or reduce the cost of furnishings like desks, sofas, chairs and other equipment.  Most arrangements include access to WiFi, phone, and printing services.  This can reduce overhead costs for both you and the others sharing the space, because the cost is split.

The greatest advantage is sharing IT services.  An in-house tech team will save considerable time and, in the long run, money by solving your technology problems quickly.  A support staff can offer a smooth running operation for you and your office mates.  Be sure that there is sufficient security in place to assure the confidentiality and access of your data and hard files.

Business operations are dynamic and Ottawa shared office space affords you to customize your selections to fit the needs of your operation.  Arrangements can be made for you to rent the space for hours or years.  Settling all the details in advance will give you the confidence to run your business with fewer worries.

A terrific advantage is human contact.  When you come into the shared space, you have others to greet you and converse.  This is especially important in a single-person company.  Another feature is the opportunity to interact with other tenants that can lead to new clients or collaborations or innovations.