Benefits of Using Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

When replacing windows or doors in either your home or office, there are several options:  tempered, laminated or standard glass.  This article mainly about tempered glass.

Tempered glass is specifically manufactured for its strength.  It is stronger than ordinary, or annealed, glass.  Using a chemical process, the glass is produced for its muscle and for its ability to crumble rather than break into shards.  It is popular for use in passenger car windows, shower doors, standard doors and windows, refrigerator shelves, etc.

If you are considering tempered glass for your commercial or residential products, reflect on the following:

  • Safety – If and when it breaks, it will produce small pieces, not the large or sharp rubble that can cause injuries.
  • Durability – If security is a concern, tempered glass is specifically developed for use in storefronts or bulletproof windows.
  • Easy Cleanup – If there is damage to a tempered glass pane, the clean up process is simple.  Instead of small, sharp objects, there will be round pieces that clear easily with simple sweeping.

There are additional benefits to the use of tempered glass in either your home or business. Just contact Centennial Glass and they are happy to discuss the value and advantages. Knowledgeable customer service representatives and technicians are ready to help you.