Choosing Between a Chauffeur and Rental Car

Car Service

Toronto is packed with things to see and do like niagara falls, CN tower, restaurants, sports, night clubs, shopping at the yorkville village, or visiting art galleries. Getting to and from those places can be a challenge. There is public transportation, car services, and car rentals.

Chauffeur Option

A chauffeur-driven automobile is the best way to travel while visiting Toronto. It allows you to enjoy the entire experience with no worries about traffic or parking.  Exceptional Limos will transport you from the airport to your hotel.  They take care of all your luggage.  There is no need to rent a car, struggle with maps or get lost.  Nor the uncertainty of taxies or other hired transport.

There are a number of options in Toronto for chauffeured cars.  Shop around. Check the prices.  Investigate owner and company reputations and read all the reviews you can find. Ask about their policies, car options and conditions, and safety records of their drivers.

Rental Option

When renting a car, charges are usually based on an hourly rate or a daily rate. There may also be age restrictions.  You may not be able to rent and drive if you are under 25 or over 70. It may certainly be less expensive to go with a chauffeured car than a rental.

Rentals at airports can be a bit pricey.  That’s because the car rental folks need to pay a fee to the airport for their space.  Those fees are added to the cost of your rental.

There may also be a charge for gasoline. If you rent a car, find out if the tank will be filled when you rent it and whether or not you need to need to completely refuel before its return. Sometimes there are standard fees for the gasoline as determined by the rental agency.

There are choices of car sizes.  Most rental agencies stock larger cars to accommodate business travelers. A tip is to order a smaller or compact car. Frequently the agency will upgrade to a larger model at no extra charge. Also, be sure to check on package deals and special pricing.

Your Choice

With some solid internet research, you will probably find the best options and deals for your needs and within your budget. Add Exceptional Limos to your studies and see if they can’t make your trip to Toronto memorable.