Learn Why In-Home Care Services May Be Your Best Option

In Home Health Care

The number of people above 65 years of age is expected to rise owing to the increasing number of medical and scientific breakthroughs. The increasing numbers of the elderly population have led to a bigger need for various forms of senior care.

The regular types of senior care are the nursing homes and the assisted living facilities. Additional forms of senior care are the home care services. In-home care services are becoming popular and here are the reasons why:

Immediate Environment

Numerous study findings reveal that elderly people who live in familiar surroundings tend to enjoy a longer life. The familiarity of their home is thought to help since they do not have to strain the brain when remembering simple everyday tasks and things.

The elderly individual will know their way around the home greatly minimizing the risk of falls and injuries. They will be sure of the positioning of furniture, the direction in which doors open, and the location of steps. For the household items, they will know how to operate the shower, where the floor creaks and where the utensils are.

In-home care services will allow your loved one to remain in their home and get assisted in the place that they feel safe, comfortable and content.


Let us crunch some numbers; the cost of an assisted living facility is about $40,000 per annum whereas that of a nursing home is $85,000 per year. The elderly people will most instances spend about two years in the assisted living facility before transitioning to a nursing home where the average stay is two and half years. That means that you will pay $250,000 for about four and a half year for your loved one.

Compare that to the cost of in-home care services which at $30,000 per year is a fraction of what spent in the other senior care options. You can therefore hire and pay a in-home care worker to stay with and help out in the home of your loved one.

Personal Care

In-home care services avail an employee to take care of your loved one. Their attention is only on their client in a one on one setting. The benefits are many such as time to speak with their client, opportunity to take note of distress or medical issue, and even to play a game. The single purpose of an in-home services worker is to keep their client in a healthy and comfortable state in their home.

From the wide array of senior home care services, the in-home care services are possibly the best option for your loved one.