The Process of Septic System Inspection and Maintenance

Septic System

Most people do not appreciate the existence and purpose of the septic system in the home. The septic system serves the purpose of taking all the waste material from the house and getting rid of it efficiently. The septic system ensures that the waste material does not affect residents of the home and the immediate surroundings.

Regular Septic Problems

The septic system will work unnoticed in the background. It is when it fails that we become aware of the septic system. The common causes of septic system failure include:

•    Use of more water than the septic system can handle

•    Flushing down large solid objects such as pampers and sanitary pads

•    Throwing too many solid food particles down the kitchen sink

•    Using corrosive chemicals to clean the drain

The Importance of Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Not much thought goes into our actions as we use water, flush pampers and sanitary pads, and throw solid food particles into the sink. These actions will appear not to have any consequences at the point of execution but may cause a problem down the drain.

Throwing the solid particles in a continuous manner will cause a build up and eventual blockage of drainage pipes. Excess effluent water will not seep into the soil layers quick enough, and water oozes to the surface in the drain field. The effluent water has a foul smell and is even toxic to the home’s residents, the fauna and the flora. Regular inspection and maintenance help to avoid these challenges.

The Process of Inspection and Maintenance

You will require the services of professionals to avoid further damage to the system.

An expert company makes use of professional tools to inspect the entire drainage system without causing any further damage. Use of specially designed cameras to inspect the drains and use of long snake pipes ensures that blockages are cleared and that no roots are growing and damaging the drains.

The knowledgeable and experienced team from a septic cleaning company will work efficiently minimizing damage and restoring the function of the septic system.

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