Notable Trends in Egg Donation

Egg Donation Canada

The egg donation technique was developed 30 years ago with the aim of helping infertile women get pregnant and raise children. As a medical technique, egg donation has received global acceptance and is practiced widely to help both pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women get successful pregnancies from donated eggs.

A popular use of this treatment has seen the adoption of several practices for both donor and recipient preparation and treatment. Fertility Match recommends egg donation procedure as an opportunity for Ottawa couples to get a successful pregnancy through a donor’s egg. In most instances, the partner’s sperm is used to fertilize the donated egg in a technique called embryo transfer which begins in the lab and ends with implantation of the embryo.

Previously, egg recipients were required to visit a fertility clinic from where they made a decision on and for an egg donor based on the provided information. The entire treatment procedure was kept confidential by the parties involved. Things have changed nowadays as egg recipients and egg donors make decisions personally and even together before and after going through the procedure. The open relationship between the two parties has been encouraged and has proved important for the baby.

Egg donors are now considered critical to the entire egg donation procedure. It has not always been the case previously since couples unable to bear children considered it as an option when all others failed. Egg donors now have responsibilities and are not taken for granted once they have been selected and committed to egg donation. They are required to show up for appointments and to follow provided instructions by doctors at the fertility clinic. Failure to honor the appointments and follow the instructions may lead to failure of procedure which is associated with huge costs in terms of money and time.

As more people become open to the idea of both egg donors and egg recipients meeting, there are notable benefits that help the procedure to gain greater acceptance. Where people were simply content to learn that egg donors had been screened for diseases, they are now insisting on seeing and talking to the donors personally. Fertility Match is more than happy to have both donors and recipients meet so that all parties feel content and satisfied.