Should you replace or repair your window?

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You may be wondering whether replacement or repair is the right thing to do for faulty or old windows. Faulty and old windows are cold, foggy, leaky, or are simply not working as intended. 

The old wood-frames have been replaced with effective and energy-efficient options such as vinyl and fiberglass. Comparatively, vinyl and fiberglass are cheaper options to wood-framed windows. 

The following are some of the top problems that will inform the decision to replace rather than repair your windows.

Leakage of Water

Any detection of water on the inside of a window may indicate that the exterior window casing is faulty and doesn’t keep out water. Sometimes, the water may be coming through the window, and that spells out that you must begin shopping for new windows for replacement. 

Foggy Windows

If your windows start becoming foggy, water is condensing between the window panes if your windows are double-paned or triple-paned. Taking note of the fact that modern windows are insulated glass units that can’t be rebuilt once taken apart, the frosting will call for replacement of the entire window. However, some homeowners will replace the sash only rather than the window. 

Cracked or Broken Glass

If the glass is cracked or broken, you can either choose to repair for single-paned windows or replacement of sash for multi-paned windows. Ottawa Valley Glass recommends the replacement of the entire window if it has been a recurrent problem. 

Broken Mullions or Muntins

Rotting or broken mullions or muntins are rebuilt to safeguard the integrity and effectiveness of the window. Mullions and muntins are the pieces of wood used to separate the glass panes of your window. 

When the muntins and mullions are the faux types, they cannot be replaced but will not affect the functionality of the windows. Rotting and split muntins and those with brittle putty must be replaced. 

Rotting or Missing Drip Cap

The drip cap is identifiable as the exterior shield found at the top of the window. The drip cap is easily repaired by the homeowner if absent or broken without having to call in a professional. Purchase aluminum drip caps at local stores. The choice of aluminum is ideal since it won’t rust or rot. 

Damaged Exterior Casing

Cracked, rotting, loose, or even missing exterior casing may precipitate further damage to the window. The damaged exterior casing will not call for the replacement of the window since it is replaceable. You will find primed wood exterior casing at home centers that are used to replace the damaged casing. 

Ottawa Valley Glass provides professional window replacement repair Ottawa services that will meet all your needs irrespective of the type and style of windows.