Foundation Wall repair Ottawa

foundation wall repair

If you look at your foundation and see vertical cracks, you may wonder how they could have occurred.  Frequently it happens during the process when the concrete is poured.  During the curing process, the wall will shrink, and then a crack will start.  That is when you will need foundation wall repairs.

Houses of any age may develop these cracks, new or old.  If you see them, you should inspect them regularly.  It is not a structural issue, but if they widen enough, it can allow water to seep or flow into your basement or crawl space.

If you are thinking about selling your home and you have these cracks in the foundation, you should probably have them repaired before the house goes on the market.  If a potential buyer spots them, it could end the negotiations right there.

Home Repair Attempts

Some owners will try to fix the cracks themselves.  Sometimes they use caulk.  If the site is not properly prepared, the caulk will adhere to the accumulation of dirt rather than the cement.  Obviously you will not achieve a good seal.  If the caulk does adhere, the water pressure from rain and snow will generally cause the caulk to peel, so it is still not a good repair.

Some people feel that using hydraulic cement will solve the problem.  Unfortunately, this type of filler does not afford any flexibility during the freeze and thaw of winter and spring.  As the foundation expands and contracts during the year, the cement plug will become loose.  Eventually, you will face the same crack and potential leaks.

Professional Repairs

The best and safest way to deal with foundation cracks is to have them addressed by a professional.  A reliable firm that deals with construction issues like foundation cracks will be able to recommend the best solution.  If your foundation is made of something other than poured concrete, like stone, there are special methods to handle those repairs as well.  Only a professional will be able to carefully complete repairs that will last for years.

They will also provide an inspection of the entire basement or crawl space to find any other potential problems.  A specialist will be able to offer you a warranty on their workmanship, to provide peace of mind.

The best time to have your cracks repaired is now before they become any larger.  If they start to open diagonally, you could be letting yourself in for even more repairs.  The wider they become, the more likely you will be facing an emergency when your lower level starts flooding from heavy spring or fall rains.  When that happens, you will have a mess to clean and the concern of resulting mold or mildew forming in the lower level of your home.

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at Highbridge Construction.  One of our qualified service representatives will be happy to arrange for an inspection and offer an estimate for repairs.