Myths about garage floor epoxy coating

myths epoxy floor

There are many myths passed around concerning garage floor epoxy and we set out to set the record straight. Some of the common myths in the garage floor coatings business include:

Professional Garage Floor Coating is Expensive

Garage floor epoxy coating should not be overly expensive when you work with professional installers. On average, it should not cost you more than $6 per square foot for a garage floor with a concrete surface in good condition. Avoid getting confused by flowery sales pitching such as the number of layers of epoxy coatings. 

All Garage Floor Coatings are Similar

Not true, a professionally applied epoxy or polyaspartic garage floor coating is superior to some kits that can be bought online or from a local hardware store. This is not to say that all garage floor epoxy kits are of substandard quality.

Epoxy is just a type of paint, you can as well paint the garage floor

Paint is a liquid when applied to a surface converts into a solid film. The epoxy may qualify to be called a paint but not all paint can be termed as epoxy. Epoxy differs in that it is a combination of epoxy resin and hardeners that cures to a final thickness of 8 to 12 mm. Epoxy is superior in that it has greater chemical resistance, bond strength, abrasion resistance, and UV resistance. 

Just Clean the Garage Floor and Apply Epoxy

If only it was that easy to prepare the concrete surface. For epoxy to bond well, the concrete surface must be prepared to a profile two or better to get rid of loose cement particles, surface contaminants, to impart a rough surface and open up concrete pores to enhance adhesion. A professional should grind the surface with a diamond tip or lightly shot-blasted. Garage Perfect will diamond grind the concrete surface and forms the reason why we have big warranties on our installations. 

You need to apply a fresh coat every 1-3 years

It can only be true if the garage floor coating was not applied to industry-grade or the surface was not properly prepared. Garage floor coatings by Garage Perfect carry warranties of between 10 and 20 years without any problems or the need to apply a fresh coat of epoxy. 

In conclusion, Garage Perfect has the expertise and experience to install industry-grade garage floor coatings that will serve their purpose long term.