The Need For Real Estate Attorney

Ottawa Real Estate Lawyer

With any type of real estate deal, such as buying a residential home, selling commercial properties, or other real estate transactions, there are a number of complications that often arise within the framework of these deals. If you are engaged in buying and selling of property in Ontario, you are going to need a real estate attorney. Residents of Ottawa can really benefit from these attorneys, because they can help you navigate through the legal framework associated with real estate buying and selling.

One of the major reasons for hiring an Ottawa real estate lawyer is to ensure you are not taking any risks when you are buying or selling a property. Engaging in any real estate deal means you are putting a lot of money on the line, and you want to make sure you are getting a deal that is proper and suitable for your needs. Here are a few things residents and business owners can keep in mind when it comes to getting an Ottawa real estate attorney:

Role of a Real Estate Attorney:

When you are working with a real estate attorney, you can feel at ease that they are going to put your rights and wants at the very front of any decision they make. A lawyer works for his or her client, not for themselves. They can help you file disputes, scan through documents to make sure they are legally acceptable, analyze titles and ownership records, research liens and check into liabilities. All of these steps are very important when you are securing a major real estate deal.

Real estate agents are there to make a commission. An agent is very useful in getting your foot in the door, because they are going to help you find the best properties to buy, or they are going to help find you buyers who can match the asking price you are seeking. But an agent is not always going to have your best interests at heart. Their interests include closing the deal for as much money as possible!

Depending on the real estate lawyer you choose in Ottawa, your lawyer can also help you with property law. They can also help in dealing with escrow disputes, zoning variance requirements and any other matter you need to close before you can buy or sell a property in an efficient way.

Stay Protected:

Both buyers and sellers need protection when it comes to real estate deals, and that is why you should seriously consider hiring a real estate attorney before closing any deal. If you are selling property, you want to make sure you are getting all the correct documents pertaining to the sale. You also want to check on any possible loopholes or clauses in the sales contract that may go against your best interests.

For buyers, it is all about making sure the disclosure statements are 100 percent accurate. The last thing you want is to discover unwanted things about the home or commercial property you have just bought. A real estate lawyer can make sure you are not rushing into a purchase without doing your due diligence on the property. If there are any issues with the buying contract, your attorney can help you with any possible litigation you may want to bring against other party and/or the real estate agent who signed off on the deal. A lawyer can also tell you if you have grounds to seek damages in civil court if some information was left out of the disclosure statement by the selling party.

It does not matter if you are buying or selling property in Ottawa. Even if you are engaging in a simple residential real estate deal, you should hire a lawyer to stay protected.

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