Tips That Help Beginners Perfect Their Golf Swing

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Golfing is now a popular game and pastime for many people in Ottawa. The surge in popularity of the game has seen people across all ages start to learn and practice the game. Getting the perfect golf swing requires learning the mechanical process and practicing it repeatedly. Irish Hills Golf & Country Club has put together the following tips to help beginners learn and perfect their golf swing.

Nice and Easy

Taking it nice and easy will always make your golf swing better. You will always see the professionals pausing to take a deep and slow breath before taking a swing at the golf ball. The reason behind this is that your golf swing should be in sync with your breathing. The professionals know that it is important to maintain their breathing in those important moments of the game. Using breathing as your tempo for a golf swing will result in better technique.

Square to the Target

For people taking golf lessons, the phrase square to the target is encountered numerous times. You must face in the right direction in preparation to swing the golf club. Your shoulders should be aligned in the direction of the target whereas your feet are squarely lined up under your shoulders to take a swing at the ball. By squaring to the target, you are always sure of hitting the ball to the intended areas.

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

Always keep your eyes on the ball is commonly taught when learning golf. However, not many people will know exactly when and why they should keep their eyes on the ball.

By keeping your eyes on the ball, you will be keeping your head down during the swing. Keeping the head down ensures that your shoulders will not come up and will remain in place all through the swing. Lifting the head as you watch the golf ball fly will lift your shoulders and make you miss the ball completely. Keep your eyes on the specific part of the ball you want to hit to improve the chances of making solid contact with the ball.  Come over to Irish Hills Golf & Country Club in Ottawa to practice your swing and to improve hand-eye coordination and consistently make solid contact with the golf ball.