Unique Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors are increasingly popular and make a good choice for different rooms in the home or in workplaces. Epoxy as a material is used for wall cladding without the removal of what was already in place. Epoxy flooring is also a good choice for outdoor spaces.

Price of Epoxy Flooring

According to Concrete Fusion, the total installation cost of epoxy flooring is dependent on the number of square meters of floor and the application system. If a multi-layer system is used, work will take several days as there will be time to allow drying between coats. The color of the epoxy flooring can be customized depending on both décor and design.

Advantages and Uses of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy has many different uses which may include crack-free pavement and floors used for skilled labor. Majority of Ottawa businesses choose epoxy flooring since it is hardy and good for skilled labor and it gives an appeal to your office space.

Epoxy floors are hardy, durable and resistant to staining. Being an impermeable floor surface, it is a good choice for surfaces where spillages are bound to happen on a regular basis such as in auto repair shops and warehouses. Its attractive appeal is also difficult to beat and it will liven up dull environments especially where you spend your entire day.

Since epoxy flooring is highly popular, you should carefully search for the right materials and the best possible price offering. With its low maintenance, epoxy flooring makes a good choice as a result of the long term cost savings.

Ease of cleaning of epoxy flooring is yet another advantage. The ability to repel dirt, dust, water and chemicals spillages makes it easy to wipe off and have a clean floor surface unlike the case with carpets. The floor doesn’t scratch or chip and can withstand heavy traffic and use.

Other Applications

Epoxy can be considered for other surfaces such as countertops besides flooring. Concrete Fusion uses an easy and straightforward application process which makes epoxy good for home improvement projects. Filler and flakes can be added to the epoxy to enhance both its color and style. We have a variety of colors to meet your taste and preference or to match the décor of your Ottawa home or office.