Uses and Benefits of DNA Testing

DNA Testing Ottawa

The discovery of DNA testing was made in 1953 and the advancements realized since have been groundbreaking. DNA testing has found widespread use in genealogical research, finding biological parents and unraveling of genetic information with regard to the disease. DNA testing is also used to discover ethnicity.

Aspects of DNA testing include y-DNA testing that helps in finding out paternal lineage, Mt-DNA testing to help in understanding maternal lineage, and autosomal DNA testing which makes use of DNA from both parents to find the family’s ancestry.

DNA testing now offers great convenience since you mustn’t have to visit the lab for collection of DNA sample. DNA test kits can be available and can be ordered from reputable service providers. By following the instructions provided with the kit, you are able to provide a good sample for testing. The sample is then submitted along with a filled and signed release form.  The release form acts as consent from the signee for the testing company to release the name and contact details to anyone whose genetic fingerprints exactly match to your own.

DNA Medical offers DNA testing services in Ottawa and stands out prominently due to its ability to combine test results and comprehensive lineage search strategies. We work closely with professional genealogy researchers who have access to huge databases and are experienced in using them adeptly. The researchers are also experts at handling both the DNA testing participant and his/her family members emotionally since the news can be highly sensitive. The researchers handle clients patiently and with all the support possible to help them through unforeseen matters that arise during the search process. They will also be extremely supportive for situations when positive/expected results were not forthcoming. Genealogy researchers prove to be highly useful to DNA testing participants on a professional and personal front.

If you are in need of Ottawa DNA testing services and simply don’t know where to start, choose DNA Medical who provide high-quality services at reasonable rates. The results of the process will be enriching and rewarding.