Using flooring to create sensational walls


Laminate flooring makes a real statement when you use it on the walls of your home. This flooring option doesn’t have to be just under your feet any more. Complete the beautiful look of laminate in your home by adding Mohawk laminate flooring to your walls. This offers the real look of hardwood while being easy to install as well as incredibly affordable.

Below we will cover some of the most popular laminate wall treatments:

Accent Pieces

This is the most common way that laminate is applied to the walls of a home or office. Accent pieces of hardwood laminate create contrast in any room and inject a classy and sophisticated appearance to your existing home décor.


Dark and forgotten spaces are perfect options for laminate. The texture reflects light well, creating a brighter appearance to any room.

Hanging Items

Laminate on your walls can provide a stylish structural support option for any hanging appliances or decorative items. This is especially popular for those who wish to hang their television sets on the wall without worrying about having the right amount of support. Just kick back and enjoy the game in your rec room, living room or man-cave.

The Benefits of Laminate Walls

The addition of laminate flooring on your walls is a one-weekend project that is both stylish and easy on your wallet. You can add warmth, style and value to your home without having to draw up a high design budget. You can renovate trickier areas of your home without spending a lot, and who doesn’t love that?

The ease of installation makes laminate walls additionally appealing to many homeowners. You don’t need to hire the professionals, because any individual with even the most minimal of experience can accomplish this as a do-it-yourself project.