Visit an Orthodontist for Proper Teeth Alignment

Invisible Braces Ottawa

Straight teeth are the hallmark of a healthy smile. Straight teeth provide the perfect smile that will improve confidence levels and improve appearance. Invisible Braces in Ottawa ensures you will have a smile that easily charms the world.

However, crooked teeth are an entirely different story since they destroy your smile and impact on your appearance and confidence levels. Crooked teeth require alignment since they pose dental health problems in the future.

Some of the dental health problems associated with misaligned teeth are; bite problems and temporomandibular joint disorder. You should immediately see Invisible Braces in Ottawa for an orthodontic examination and appropriate treatment. The most common treatment for orthodontic problems has been metal braces which make use of metal wires and brackets. Their popularity is slowly waning as people of all ages prefer getting the invisible braces that are more aesthetically pleasing.

Invisible braces are available in different forms and make good alternatives to the traditional metal braces. These braces are not only invisible as the name suggests but also shorten treatment time significantly. The invisible braces make use of plastic aligners getting rid of the metal wires and brackets to get teeth into the desired positions.

For the invisible braces, the orthodontist will commence by taking 3D impressions of the mouth to help prepare an aligner. Aligners are designed to cover the teeth but still remain invisible. Another advantage of the aligners is that they are removable which means they do not interfere with eating, chewing and brushing. Aligners will improve quality of life and help people enjoy the best of life.

The use of plastic for the aligners is not without skeptics who think that metal is best suited to give more strength and vigor to the teeth. Use of hard plastic equally puts pressure on the teeth so that the right amount of force is applied to the periodontal ligaments. Pressure on the periodontal ligaments widens these ligaments making teeth temporarily loose so that they are easily guided into their proper positions. The use of braces may take 9 to 15 months for proper alignment to take place and in other cases, it takes two years for the conclusion of treatment.

Invisible aligners are one of the best options in orthodontic treatment and help in proper alignment of teeth, correct spacing between teeth, and in maintaining the aesthetics of both your smile and face. Even though the treatment process, the invisible aligners eliminate the awkwardness and ugly smile of visible metallic braces.

Visit and speak to Invisible Braces in Ottawa about the invisible braces to fully understand what to expect during treatment and at the conclusion of treatment. The invisible braces will not prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods and will ensure that you brush and floss effectively.