People across All Ages Should See an Orthodontist

Orthodontist Ottawa

Orthodontists are essentially dentists who specialize in straightening teeth and treating other issues with the jaw. A common misconception for many people is that orthodontists treat children. However, these professionals are trained to offer treatment to people across all ages. There are numerous reasons why you should consider visiting Wellington Village Orthodontics in Ottawa yourself or taking your child.

Orthodontists are mostly associated with malocclusions the other name for crooked teeth. However, there are numerous reasons why you should make the visit to an orthodontist. It is recommended that parents take their children for a consultation with an orthodontist besides the routine general checkups with a pediatric dentist. That first visit to an orthodontist should be made when the permanent set of teeth begin to appear.

The orthodontist is a trained expert in the growing and development of the oral cavity. They are best placed to make accurate predictions on how your child’s teeth will be growing in. Where an orthodontic problem is noted such as spacing issues, proactive steps can be taken early enough to rectify the problem. A tooth or two can be pulled so that other teeth have sufficient space to grow in a straight fashion. The technique helps to ensure that the child doesn’t wear braces and that the mouth can be cleaned easily when it is not crowded.

The well-planned extractions allow for better-spaced teeth that prevent jam-packing the mouth making it hard to brush and floss effectively. Orthodontic treatment is also effective in correcting speech problems by ensuring teeth, tongue, lips, and jaws work together to produce necessary sounds in spoken language.

Orthodontists are also trained to offer treatment to adults since more and more adult orthodontic patients are seeking this type of treatment. Some of these adults may have received treatment in childhood but teeth have gradually shifted to their former positions over time.

Speak to Wellington Village Orthodontics in Ottawa about the new treatment options when it comes to straightening your teeth. The invisible orthodontic treatments such as invisible braces and lingual braces highly discreet compared to the traditional braces. The invisible braces will give you an aesthetically pleasing smile during and after treatment.