What You Need to Know for Hiring the Best Accountant for Your Business

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Assume you are the owner of a business and you have established a company. You are required to hire an accountant that will help you with the financials of your company. Having accounting software is not the only option for a business owner. The skills and experience that of an accountant goes far beyond just simply crunching number. An experienced accountant needs to be capable of assisting you in the company’s financial plans for buying items while helping you decide on how to pay for your children’s college tuition.

If you have a company in Ontario, you should hire an accountant in Ontario who will look after the tax preparation. Also other services as well like, record keeping, auditing and advising. A general accountant usually covers four basic areas. For example,

  • Accounting and record keeping
  • Business advisory
  • Auditing
  • Tax planning

A good way to find an accountant who will go above and beyond in their practice is by referrals. Whether it is from your banker, family members or friends who have their own business, they most likely have one or two with great reputations that they can refer you too. Never underestimate the importance of CPA. An accountant with a CPA degree, guarantees that the person has certain experience when it comes to performing accounting related tasks. When you come up with a list of names and numbers, you should decide which one can best suit the needs of your company. Determining on the requirements, you should start to interview accountants and choose the one who will suit your needs the best.


Most accounting firms offer tax planning and auditing. A small handful of them will offer other services such as, bookkeeping, pension fund accounting and estate planning. You should decide on what services you will need before you start the process of hiring an accountant.


It is always good to make sure that the accountant’s style is compatible with yours. Make sure that the people that you are meeting with are the same people who will handle your business. Evaluate the competency and the compatibility of the firm. Ask the candidate as to how they will handle a particular situation. Listening to the answer and deciding on your accountant is a good choice.


At all times ask to see the fees in advance to hiring the accountant. If the accountant specializes in taxes in Ontario it might be different in a different area. See the price only for the services that you require. Ask around and compare rates.  You should try to get a total annual estimate for the charges.

In the end of the interview you should ask the accountant for references. See if they can give you similar previous references that can help you know that they have the experience you require. An experienced accountant will be more than happy to provide references.

If you need accounting and bookkeeping service for your business in Ontario then consult with the following Ontario Accountants:

Brampton Bookkeeping – Envolta

Accountant Brampton

Address: 295 Queen St E #471

Brampton, ON L6W 4S6

Tel. (905) 595-5092

Email: info@bramptonbookkeeping.ca

Hamilton Bookkeeping

Accountant Hamilton

Address: 248- 762 Upper James St

Hamilton, ON L9C 3A2

Tel. (289) 291-5250

Email: info@hamiltonbookkeeping.ca

Mississauga Bookkeeping Envolta

Bookkeeper Mississauga

Address: 2400 Dundas St W #281

Mississauga, ON L5K 2R8

Tel. (289) 948-1080

Email: info@mississaugabookkeeping.ca

Address: 1315 Richmond Rd

Ottawa, ON K2B 7Y4

Tel. (613) 567-7088

Email: contact@envolta.ca

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