Why is Squirrel Removal Important?

Squirrel Removal Ottawa

Squirrels may seem like cute little animals scampering along tree limbs and telephone lines.  However, they can be a nightmare to a homeowner.

In order to find a suitable winter nesting area, they can chew into houses, damaging roofs and vents.  Once inside, they can destroy insulation, wiring and personal possessions.  If left unaddressed, these creatures can cause significant damage that will only escalate.


Exterior house vents are usually covered with insect screening.  This is a substance that is easy for a squirrel to tear into.  This will provide easy access for squirrels as well as the insects the screening was trying to prevent.  Squirrels can also chew directly into the roof.  If the wood has been previously damaged by water, this will create a prime spot.  More likely, squirrels will attach corners and edges since these are easier to gnaw through.  Fascia, trim, and wooden gable vents are common areas the squirrels will target.


Once inside, they will start to work on electrical wiring, wooden beams, insulation, cardboard boxes, and their contents.  Not only will this damage your personal items, but create a fire hazard.  In order to build nests, they will dig into the insulation.  The insulation is also compressed by the frequent travel routes.  They will urinate and defecate throughout the area.

Health Hazards

Squirrel waste products can transmit a number of illnesses to humans including leptospirosis, salmonella, and tularemia.  Fleas, ticks, and mites are often carried by squirrels and these parasites will invest in their nesting areas, your insulation, and then into your living quarters.


In order to safely and humanely remove these pests from your attic, you should contact an Ottawa wildlife control specialist.  At Capital Wildlife Control you will find experts who are skilled in the appropriate methods for removing squirrels.  They are the solution to this unpleasant problem.

Squirrel Removal professional will inspect your property and remove the animals.  They will also remove any contaminated materials and treat for parasites.  During the process, they will also attenuate any odors.  Finally, they will reinsulate the area.  For the exterior, they can locate the entry points and offer solutions to prevent the situation from recurring.

If you have heard strange noises, contact Ottawa wildlife expert to investigate the situation and resolve any intrusions.