Why you need a professional pool opening service

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Professional pool opening services ensure that your pool is ready for use after winter. The services entail removal of the pool cover and winterizing plugs, professional pool cleaning, refilling the swimming pool, and addition of the right mix of required chemicals to make sure the pool is safe for use. The following are some reasons why you should find professional pool services.

Pool Cover Considerations

Proper removal, cleaning, and storage of the pool cover is the first step in opening your pool. Professional pool services have the knowledge, experience, and right equipment to properly handle this task. Removal of the pool cover can be a complicated task for the homeowner. 

Debris and water that accumulates on the pool cover must not be allowed to mix with pool water. The accumulation of water and debris happens when the pool cover system is not drained adequately.

Professional pool opening Ottawa services will help clean the cover to get rid of dirt, oil, and grease and then sanitize the cover to prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew during storage. 

Removal of Winterizing Plugs and Skimmer Baskets

A swimming pool has return jets and steps jets that must be covered with winterizing plugs when the cold season starts. The removal of winterizing plugs requires specialized equipment to prevent damage. The professionals will then install eyeball or jet fittings before the jets start working again after reopening the swimming pool. 

Skimmer baskets are easy to remove but also have winter plugs beneath them. These also require professionals to remove them. The skimmer baskets keep the pool clean and ready for use upon reopening. 

Refilling the Pool

The pool is drained/emptied during winterization. It may have lost some water due to evaporation during the off-season hence the need for a refill. During the reopening of the pool, clean water must be filled to the proper levels.

Most homeowners are not sure whether they should drain the water in the pool or how much more water to add before opening the pool. Having the pool filled improperly may cause malfunctions that require costly repairs hence the need to get professionals on board. 

Turning on the Operational System

All filters must be checked and cleaned before turning on the pump and filter systems. Checking and cleaning of filters will require shutting down the filter system, removing the pump lid, and filling the pump housing with clean water to check for leaks in the pumping and filtration systems. These are technical tasks that cannot be undertaken by the average homeowner. 

Pool Chemical Combinations

You must get the right chemical combination in terms of pH and chlorine/sanitizer combination when you initially reopen the pool. Professionals have the technical know-how and equipment to test pool water quality so that it is safe to swim throughout summer. 

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