Home DNA Testing: How it’s done and what it can do for you

DNA Test Ottawa

In law enforcement and medicine, DNA testing has been an utterly invaluable asset in their arsenal of tools to provide the best care to people. Now, this technology is available for you to use in your very own home. DNA Medical Clinic in Ottawa accommodates this as to provide you the ability to gain important answers quickly and privately.

Home DNA tests provide the answer to some of the toughest questions that we might have to face in our lifetimes: paternity over children, predisposition to certain medical conditions and other health-related concerns. But what are the benefits to choosing DNA Medical Clinic’s at-home DNA tests?

  1. The only people who will know about it are those involved in the test itself, and anybody that you choose to tell about it.
  2. They help provide you peace of mind, on your timetable.
  3. Home DNA testing is surprisingly affordable and is considerably less expensive than having a DNA test performed at a doctor’s office.

While these at-home tests may not be admissible in court, for instance, they can provide you answers to things that you have the right to know. This option is great for anybody who has questions regarding a child’s paternity or concerns related to their health but wants to keep things as quiet and private as possible as well as getting it over with quickly. There’s no need to schedule a doctor’s visit, make your way over for an appointment, and then wait for ages for results.

Typically, results of home DNA testing kits are available to you within a week. They make sure to lay out the information clearly so that it is easily displayed and easy to understand. And that is not the only part of the process that they keep simple at DNA Medical Clinic.

DNA Testing in 3 Steps

The process itself is very straightforward, and is conducted over a series of three steps.

First, a DNA sample is collected. The kit provided to you will contain all of the necessary tools to do this yourself-without needles. A quick and utterly painless swab to the inside of the cheek removes DNA-rich cells that are suitable for testing. If the reason behind this testing is paternity-related, a second swab will be provided for the second party.

Once the cells have been removed via the swab, the sample is then placed into an enclosed bag-which is contained within the kit-and sealed. The sealed bag will then be placed into a mailing container that is also provided with the testing kit. Once all of this is handled, simply mail the package to our processing lab.

The third step is to wait until the results arrive. This can take as little as a few days, and generally results will always be available within a week. You can choose how you wish to receive the results: either by mail, email or telephone.

Selecting a Home DNA Test

It probably sounds unbelievable, that something so simple can actually get you results that are anywhere near as accurate as the results of a doctor-issued DNA test. Home testing through DNA Medical Clinic has an accuracy of 99%, so you can be assured that your results will be just as accurate as the results that you would receive if you had walked in to see us for an appointment.

There are numerous types of tests available, so it is essential to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your situation. Careful consideration will ensure that you find a quality test that will provide these accurate and reliable results within the comfort and privacy of your own home. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the right test for you.

  1. There are no established guidelines for regulation in DNA labs. This means that the quality of home tests will vary from lab to lab, making it essential that you choose a test from an accredited lab. Selecting the least expensive test might not be the best idea, because a subpar lab may not deliver accurate results.
  2. Make sure that customer service is both available and helpful. The best companies offer customer service that is provided by representatives. At DNA Medical Clinic, you can count on us to provide you with answers to all of your questions during the process of choosing a test, obtaining samples and understanding your results.
  3. It is always best to purchase your home DNA testing kit directly from the lab. This means that you have control over where your kit is processed, and makes getting results much simpler. The lab will have a record of your test that you can access easily at any time. If you get a test kit offered by a company that is merely in contract with a lab means that you might have a hard time getting copies of results-especially if the company or lab goes out of business.
  4. Choosing a lab is vital to this process. Labs like DNA Medical Clinic in Ottawa, which specialize in DNA testing, are the best to turn to for this purpose. Their lab is monitored and regulated, which means that you can breathe easily knowing that your test is in good and capable hands.

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