Tire Repair Has Become More Complicated

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In the past tires were repaired with plugs. When the steel belted radial was invented repairing a tire became increasingly difficult. This is because the belted radial was designed with metal threads entwined in the tire to make it stronger, and more difficult to puncture. Plugs can still work when used in addition to interior patches for more safety, but it is best to leave that type of repair to a certified mechanic.

One of the reasons tire plug repair should be left to a professional is the danger of separation. Professional mechanics will not use a plug on its own since there is the possibility that the tire will separate because of spreading out from heat as well as centrifugal force. The revolving speed of the tire creates heat expansion of the tire. The more rapidly a vehicle is running the more likely it is that the plug will detach from the tire.

Another reason that professionals should repair a tire is that in order for it to be repaired correctly the tire needs to be removed from the rim. Once a tire is taken off the rim the patch and plug combination can be applied with a substance similar to glue. After the repaired area dries it can be put back on the rim, inflated, and then put back onto the vehicle.

Another reason the tires are removed from the rim is so that the mechanic can look inside for any possible damage that couldn’t be seen from the outside. If a tire repair professional is any good they will conduct the repair in this way. There is usually a poster given to repair stations which details the correct manner in which to repair a tire.

If an individual prefers to do the work for themselves there are numerous repair kits that can aid them. There are packages of rubber plugs or patches, and there are professional repair kits. In some kits there is an aerosol spray or an injectable sealant. The kits will have instructions which are easy enough to understand. If an individual requires additional information a quick search online will have copious amounts of videos which will show how to do tire repair with a kit.

Tire plugs are mainly for emergency circumstances so that a vehicle can make it to the closest repair station.

Repair stations should be the first place to go for proper tire repair. For questions call or visit the local repair station.

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