Water Leaks from the Muffler

Exhaust Repairs

It is possible that the water dripping from the exhaust pipe is not a reason to be concerned. In the course of the internal combustion process water forms, and then exits as steam with exhaust gas. If water is dripping out of the exhaust structure, it is probably due to water that was not evaporated during the time the car was running.

This generally happens during cold weather because the outside temperatures make water vapor return to liquid form before it has a chance to get through the exhaust system. Another reason this happens is due to vehicles only running for a short amount of time. Vehicles with just one muffler exhaust system require about 15 minutes to get hot enough to make the water evaporate. Vehicles with 2 muffler exhaust systems require about 30 minutes to reach the temperature needed to evaporate water. If the trip is short the water cannot completely evaporate during the exhaust system processes, and then the water drips out of the muffler or pipes.

When it comes to the aforementioned situations water dripping is natural, but if it is regularly seen then it is likely going to ruin the exhaust and muffler system. These days there are vehicles with rust-resistant stainless steel which is not as vulnerable to water destruction, but the water still attracts and traps destructive composites within the fuel which will ruin the exhaust and muffler systems.

This kind of constant leaking of water could be from many short trips. In order to evaporate the superfluous water one simply needs to keep the engine on for a little more time after a trip. If the vehicle goes on longer trips more often than short trips, then there could be a more serious problem at play.

The vehicle could have a bad head-gasket which causes the water to leave the exhaust system. This in turn can mess with the catalytic converter. Before the problem becomes to advanced it is better to check in with a mechanic who is an expert in the diagnostics and repair of muffler and exhaust systems. When there is a great deal of water leaking from the exhaust or muffler there could be serious damage on the horizon for that vehicle. Going to an expert mechanic can help to find the problem quickly which will save money in the long run.

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